It’s 2011 on the eastern seaboard of the United States. The place is Atlantic City: a sweeping longitudinal metropolis rebuilt following widespread devastation in 1984. Superhumans are not only real, they’re human. All too human, as Nietzsche would say.
Zephyr is a “novel” alt.superhero adventure influenced by postliterary writing and Sturgeon’s law. The style is cynical, cinematic and systematically against standard expectations of the genre. Imagine if Bret Easton Ellis’s American Psycho was about costumed vigilantes rather than stockbrokers and you have half an idea.
Zephyr tells the story of a major, if somewhat jaded superhero in an alternate universe where New York City has been abandoned and the Beatles were a superhero team. Zephyr is a regular guy, but with powers, and it’s easy to wonder if his life might have been better without them as supervillains and other problems that only superhumans can deal with derail his efforts handling life.
See for updates and book details.

19 responses to “Noticeboard

  • Brian 'Psychochild' Green

    Hey, I’m really glad I found your site. I’m really impressed with the quality of writing here! The story is really compelling and your characterization is amazing; I feel like I’m starting to get to know the different characters in the story really well.

    I look forward to future stories. As a writer myself, I know what it’s like to have to produce content on a regular basis. I’m eager to see where the stories are going!

  • forjador

    Hi there Wereviking. Really good stuff you’ve here!

    I didn’t know what to expect when I got a link to your blog, I’m glad I followed it. Not much to add to what Psychochild already said.

    Let’s hope more people can find your webcomic, I’ll add you to my blogroll.

    Keep it up!

  • Odd Bjarne

    Hey. Looking forward to read this story. I´m heading for london this week, so i would bring this on the trip, and give it a shot. Will be back with my opinoin! Thx btw for commenting om my blog, and leaving this site there. Will spread the site to my fellows.

  • wereviking

    Yes take your time. I hope it helps make your travels more enjoyable (anything to improve London). I appreciate the feedback.

  • wereviking

    Just to let you all know, I’m trying to settle in to a regular posting schedule, some time around Friday midday GMT+0 (I’m on +8). And yes I will be continuing with the Joseph thread, I’ve just been distracted by the main storyline and working ahead. Thanks to everyone reading and commenting. I really appreciate the feedback — be as critical as you like — and it helps with the inspiration. If you want to be notified of new posts, drop me an email at wereviking AT and I’ll put you on the list. Salute!

  • wereviking

    Zephyr is on a hopefully very short hiatus while I move house and sort out a new and hopefully better-priced Internet connection. I’ve uploaded another installment in the Joseph side story. It’s been a while between drinks. Sorry about that. I recommend regular readers browse back to 1.3 for a refresher. Hopefully it will all make sense by the completion of Phase One. Happy reading!

  • wereviking

    Hi folks. I seem to have developed a sudden problem with wordpress though I am not doing anything differently. In researching why the post layouts look so crap I discovered wordpress strongly recommends against using Word, which of course I do, as I work on the writing for a fair while before it goes up here. The basic problem is the double line spacing and lack of indents. I can’t quite figure out how the hell to get it to behave like normal and I guess I could eventually work out how to remedy the situation with HTML tags, I am not likely to do this. For now, my apologies that the latest Zephyr post looks so fucking awful and hopefully we’ll come up with a solution. I have tried some of the basic things that might occur to you, but if you’re a reader and can suggest how to rectify this situation please drop me a line at the wereviking AT hotmail DOT com address. Thanks all! And thanks to those of you who’ve emailed me lately. I appreciate all feedback including on tech issues.

  • wereviking

    OK have and will hand-indent and italicise posts in future if this is what’s required. Gotta say it’s taking a shine off things, but then again I wasn’t meant to get as consumed by this as I have been. Have a heap of manuscripts to revise and promote to publishers and screenplays I want to get out there as well. If anyone can recommend a good US agent who’d actually look at an Australian boy’s stuff, please let me know.

  • wereviking

    Uh sorry guys, frigging ISP problems again. Thanks for the emails and the comment, thanks Zazzy, enjoy the show and yes Zephyr’s on unintention hiatus, not any loss of enthusiasm. If you’re trying to reach me please email the wereviking AT hotmail address as I can’t access any other account.

  • jmc

    Hey there, I came upon your blog from While I haven’t had the chance to delve into your writings (I am looking forward to reading) I noticed the layout issues you are having as mentioned in your previous comments.

    I had a similar problem and it was driving me nuts. After some research I found some software that will allow you to have a little more control over the spacing (It really is absurd that WP doesn’t support double spacing, especially for blogs that are heavily text driven).

    Anyhoo, I suggest you download Windows Live Writer ( for updating your blog. You can still write in Word then copy the text into LW for posting. It will allow more range with the line spacing. The only down side I have found is that if you edit a published post with WP you lose the spacing from LW. The easy fix is to edit with LW.

    Sorry for the long comment but I know what it’s like to pull your hair out over formatting issues. Hope this helps!

  • wereviking

    Thanks for the idea Jess. The wordpress admin quite stuffily suggested the same thing! Unfortunately live blogger isn’t a very good vehicle for aspiring novelists who want to rewrite and edit manuscripts and then upload just some of it to a blog (like this). I’ve hand-formatted the past four posts and perhaps I am becoming used to it. SHIFT+RETURN is my new best friend.

  • wereviking

    Hey thanks to you all who are stopping by and keeping up with the site and commenting (and especially for enduring all my recent computer outages that has still left my keyboard typng lik ths unless I slow right down and correct mistakes). Feel free to drop me a line at wereviking AT and let me know what’s working for you and what isn’t. Any and all feedback appreciated. Some of the latest posts are some of the best work, IMO, and as we gear up for the end of Phase I hopefully the concluding rush will satisfy all your Zephyr expectations.

    I am still on the lookout for a cover artist who can do a discounted rate so I can bind this baby up as a paperback, retail it long term for those of you who may want it, and also put it gratis on the desks of some of the industry bigwigs as my very own self-starter effort. Who knows? It may reap some rewards, just as this website already has for me. Drop me a line.

  • Britney

    i have been following your posts for a while now all i can say
    is they are great. I look forward to reading more from you.

  • wereviking

    Hi folks. We are coming to the end of Zephyr Phase One here. You’ll know when it’s over (in about two posts’ time) because the final piece will be a short coda (hopefully not too much of a rip-off). There will be a hiatus of some sort then, I imagine, though there is plenty more Zephyr still to come. I have to think about transferring the site to a proper domain that will give me flexibility to make the most out of what I’m doing here (and here’s me with no IT skills). I’ll also have to consider ways of drawing more traffic to the site because at the moment I don’t know I can justify the ongoing effort based on the readership figures. Maybe it just needs to take more time? But don’t let that fool you and think I don’t appreciate Zephyr regulars, I can see when you all stop by for updates and appreciate it more than you’ll ever know. As always, drop me a line on wereviking AT if there’s anything you want to get off your chest.

  • Jim


    This is an awesome story that must continue. Advertise, or do what you must; you have a writing style and gritty viewpoint re: superheroes that can and should find a loyal following/literary niche.

  • Mr.Carrot58

    I just remember a party for my cousin back a few years ago when my uncle fell asleep during a clown show. ,

  • Kelvin52

    Second, fans do not always get the stars they want. ,

  • wereviking

    I’ve had a few emails about the Lennon link in Zephyr’s parentage. Rest assured this reference is not just for show and we’ll be exploring a lot more about Zephyr’s backstory and looking at some of the historical differences in his parallel very soon. Stick with the ride, folks, and keep the emails coming. Thanks for your enthusiasm.

  • wereviking

    Writing ahead as I usually do (or aim to do) so the published chapters are well edited and no ret-conning’s necessary. Looking at the end of Phase II now and folks there’s some really unusual shit coming up. Hope you all stick around for the ride and please let me know what you’re thinking by way of the message boards. Cheers. W.

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