Zephyr has moved!

After a hiatus due to multiple site attacks, Zephyr’s adventures continue at http://zephyr.warrenhately.com now with a new and more secure host. Please check in there for all future updates.

If you have enjoyed what I’ve been doing since November 2009, please also head over to Amazon and buy a copy of Phase One http://amzn.to/17kwmJs, Phase Two http://amzn.to/17kwmcy and now Phase Three http://amzn.to/Zs2K5A, or at the very least please leave a review. Your support where the rubber meets the road is greatly appreciated.

For the voyeurs among you, I’ve also listed my Amazon author’s page at http://amazon.com/author/warrenhately

I’ll continue to publish on the new site kindly offered by @psychochild because it is a great testing ground for new chapters. Keep your RSSes peeled, but if you want the latest updates follow me on Twitter @wereviking.